Ways to Clear Clipboard on Your Android os Device?

Now that you have an Android http://mobilessecur.net/android-guide-how-to-clear-clipboard guide the right way to clear the clipboard, you need to understand the basic approach on how to carry this out. There are various ways in doing this but it really is not too simple to follow that.

First of all, it is advisable to make sure that you will be able to take a screenshot from anywhere you need. You can do this by simply searching online for “Android WebView”. This can be described as part of the Android software that offers you this facility.

Then you definitely need to go for the site you will be currently visiting on your hard drive. Here you need to click the menu button and consequently select the option named “Settings”. This is where you will understand how to use the Web to view on your phone.

After you choose to wide open this menu you will need to click the option named “Web” and then you need to pick the “Allow” choice. After this you will need to choose the choice called “Load web page” to be able to get yourself a web page to become displayed. After this you will see the following option, which is sometimes called “Share”.

After you are done with the sharing process you will see this particular options and they are “OK”OK Now”. In this choice you will need to find the option that you want to use. You will need to click on “OK Now” to spread out up the list of options.

When you have seen record of alternatives, you will need to click the “Delete Clipboard” option. You may then be able to see the confirmation package that appears on your screen. If you have selected the “OK Now” alternative, you will then be able to see the message of “Unknown source” and then you will see the concept “Invalid File” once you click the OKAY button.

It’s very important to remember that after you are employing this option, it is advisable to hold down the power button for some seconds simply uses be able to manage the program. When you will forget to do this, then you definitely will be able to encounter more problems. If you do not have a problem but you want to erase the clip-board, then you will need to click on the arrow that will show on the program and next you will be able to delete the clipboard.

When you have deleted the clipboard, you will have to click on the “Back” button at the top right area of the display screen and then it will be possible to see the most recent display of the system. This is how to clear the clipboard on your Android devices.